If you are unsure about which country to go to and where to study. This overview might help you decide on what you should do and where you should go. We are taking into account only a few of the preferrerred destinations.


On an average, about 65,000 Indian students chose to study in the US each year. This combined with the already existing Indian population in addition to the world class facilties and the felxibility of the education system has made US the destination of Indian students from all disciplines.

Another interesting aspect is that the US tops the list of money spent on research. Not only that, the qualifications earned from the US colleges and universities are recognised all over the world.

A large Indian population, the flexibilty of the course structure and the easy-to-adjust environment of the US make it the most preferred destination for abroad study.


The UK is the second most preferred destination of Indian Students. On an average about 25000 Indian students choose to study in the UK each year. The advantage of pursuing a masters degree in the UK is that a student will earn a world recognized Masters degree in a short span. This however has a flip side. The education in the UK is more intensive than most other countries.

Traditionally, UK has been known as the hub of education and is in general a very student friendly destination. The facilities for students in the UK are amongst the best in the world, in some instances even surpassing those of the US, especially in the areas of transport and student support.

Lower cost of education and earning a degree in a shorter time are two of the reasons why UK is one of the preferred destinations for students aspiring for an internationl degree.


Australia in terms of number of students going there is as popular as the United States with an average of 80,000 Indian students hitting the Australian shores each year. While the recent instances of racism have dented the image of Australia as a preferred student destination, it still remains popular.

Apart from the capital city of Canberra, major cities include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart. Australia has a very small population and the majority of the population lives along its very beautiful coastline.

The weather being very close to that of India is one of the major contributing factors behing Australia being a desired destination for Indian students. This coupled with a good lifestyle and the image of Australia as a beautiful and an exotic location ensures Australia's popularity.


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´┐╝No matter which country you wish to go to, there are a few documents.that are commonly needed for you to start the process:

  • Passport
  • Test Scores
  • Academic Scores
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • Financial Documents
Remember that the requirements vary depending on which country you plan to go to.